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Auto-SOS service of Ukraine
Transportations of autocarts to 44 t
phone +38 057 7000000, +38 057 7176040

257 Klochkovskaya st., Kharkov, Ukraine
phone +38 057 3439497

Repair service of cars

   Dear businessmen and chiefs of the enterprises! The ladies and sirs!

   A firm "Autolakcentre" is one of the conducting service centres on service of automobiles in the Kharkov region located to the address 257 Klochkovskaya st., Kharkov, Ukraine and offers for You a wide spectrum of services. We work round the clock on mutually advantageous conditions for cash and clearing settlement. Are always glad to see you and qualitatively to render service.

  • Repair of automobiles and autoservice on the high-quality equipment of the best world firms-manufacturers; ph. +38 057 7176040, fax +38 057 7730404;
  • We render service any complexity on the firm equipment, disassembly, assembly, professional polishing;
  • Complete processing against corrosion of metal;
  • Repair and replacement of autointeriors, having sewed covers and carpets.

   The services of Auto-SOS (transportation) for automobile and lorries, microbuses and buses, road and oversized engineering up to 45 tons will help you difficult minute to carry out transportation automobile, lorry or several automobiles in Ukraine, C.I.S. and Europe, call round the clock till ph. +38 057 700 00 00, mob. ph. 8 050 4007777, 8 050 4077077. TIR, the cargo is insured.

   Our centre renders service cleanings automobiles. On your choice of service of manual and automatic cleaning of automobiles, cars and unique in kharkov automatic cleaning for lorries and buses, microbuses etc. Service works round the clock for cash and clearing settlement, ph. +38 057 7176040. While your automobile is cleaned, it is possible pleasantly to lead time in our cosy cafe, thus observing for clearing of your automobile.

257 Klochkovskaya st., Kharkov, Ukraine
Sale of autoenamels, autovarnishes: phone +38 057 3439497
AutoSOS phone +38 057 7000000, +38 057 7176040, mob. 8 050 4077077
Autocarts, autoSOS across Ukraine, the CIS and Europe to 44 t, TIR, insured cargo
http://www.avtolak.kharkov.ua, http://www.pokraska.kharkov.ua
e-mail: motip@kharkov.ukrtel.net

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