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Auto-SOS service of Ukraine
Transportations of autocarts to 44 t
phone +38 057 7000000, +38 057 7176040

257 Klochkovskaya st., Kharkov, Ukraine
phone +38 057 3439497

AutoSOS for lorries, buses and cars, transportation in Ukraine, C.I.S. and Europe
Transportation of cargoes within loading range, auto carts up to 45 tons, TIR, the cargo is insured

"Autolakcentre" offers services of transportation:

  • AutoSOS Mersedes with complete loading for automobiles, cars (on 1 or 2 cars)
  • AutoSOS IVECO with complete loading for lorries and microbuses (or 3 cars)
  • AutoSOS MAN with automatic loading, winch up to 20 tons, orange beacon
  • AutoSOS Renoult with complete loading for lorries and buses, easy entrance
  • AutoSOS MAN with the maximal carrying capacity up to 45 tons, wide load, long vehicle

   Custom ferryman of Ukraine.

   We work round the clock without interruption both days off for cash and the clearing settlement.
   Phone +38 057 7000000, +38 057 7176040, mob. 8 050 4007777, 8 050 4077077

   Services of transport and arrival on a place at any time of day !! We also have own repair base for realization of restoration, repair and colouring of automobiles, buses both lorries. Restoration and repair of plastic products. Repair and colouring of machines after failure, computer selection of paints. Repair of an interior of a motor show, carpets, auto covers.

257 Klochkovskaya st., Kharkov, Ukraine
Sale of autoenamels, autovarnishes: phone +38 057 3439497
AutoSOS phone +38 057 7000000, +38 057 7176040, mob. 8 050 4077077
Autocarts, autoSOS across Ukraine, the CIS and Europe to 44 t, TIR, insured cargo
http://www.avtolak.kharkov.ua, http://www.pokraska.kharkov.ua
e-mail: motip@kharkov.ukrtel.net

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